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Sky Digital

!!! 07/06/2010...NEW WHITE SKY FREESAT CARD IN STOCK 70 EUROS PREACTIVATED READY FOR NEXT DAY DISPATCH!!!! has every channel exept movies and sports for a time free.

The sky system we supply includes a Sky digibox, 1.30m sky dish, & LNB. We can arrange supplies to have your sky packages turned on at the same time, or you can easily upgrade to any of the sky packages at a later date.

This sky satellite system fully installed is only € 450.00
* (FTV Card not needed now)

We supply a FTA skycard so that your new system comes with the following channels as standard. See at the bottom of the page for Tv channel listings.

There are many different viewing packages available with Sky digital and we can help arrange one for you.
Setting up a new Sky contract is possible in two ways.

  • Making a one-off payment to Sky to cover a 12 month period.
  • Setting up a direct debit an paying monthly. We can supply you with an   address for this option as you are not allowed to us Sky outside the UK.

Free to Air channels available with Sky Digital

BBC ONE, BBC TWO, ITV1 London, Channel 4, Channel Five, BBC THREE, BBC FOUR, Sky Travel, Travel Channel 2, E 4 ~ More Four, Life TV, Showcase, Fashion TV, Game Network, You TV, AVAGO, BEN, Reality TV, Film four, Performance, Rapture TV, FRIENDLY TV, ACTV, LIVE TV, TCM, gobarkingmad, Motors TV, Extreme Sports, Chart Show TV, Video Vault, P Rock, Classic FM TV, channel U, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament, CNN, S42 ~ 2, ITV News Channel, Euro News, CCTV9, POP, CBBC, CBeebies, TV Travelshop, TV Travelshop 2, TV Shop, Ideal World, Price Drop TV, Shop America, Travel Deals Direct, Simply Shop, Best Direct, Simply Home, Simply Ideas, TV Warehouse, Shopping Genie,, Thomas Cook TV, Telsell, letsgoshop+, Auction World, Shop on TV, Simply Hols TV, Thane Direct, ShopSmart, TVWarehouse, Shop 24/7, Stop+ Shop, Yes, Screenshop 2, TV High Street, JML, Direct, Phoneworld, Vitality, Going Places TV, Factory Outlet, God Channel, God 2, Wonderful, TBN Europe, Christian TV, Revelation, TV Job Shop, Community Channel, Dating Channel, txt me, Open Access, TDC2, TX1, Create & Craft, B4U Music, PCNE, Chinese, mta- muslim TV, Abu Dhabi, Asia TV, BBC 2W.

* Now no need for a Sky card ch 4+ch5 free to air, .

As new FTA channels go on air they are automatically added to the list of channels.


We can supply you with sky contract cards without a uk address.We have a uk hosting agent that covers all this service for,you deal direct

with them,they arrange delivery of the sky card payment details ect.


This is how to reeboot you Sky digibox after a power cut


power up the sky box out of standby

press services on the remote

press 4 0 1 then the select button

move to default transponder press select

change frequency to 12051                             on new model pace digiboxs use 12059

move to save new settings then press select

move to manual tuning then press select

move to find channels then press select

signal screen comes on then press select

list of new channels comes up then press select

channel line up complete now press select

now press back up a few times till it says searching for listings or sky welcome channel comes on

disrigard if it says no satellite signal as long as it says channel 998 its on now got channel 101

if still no channels then you have another problem with the dish or box ect, 


LG Air Conditioning Unti
We have a range of air conditioning units in stock. (read more)

We can arrange the sky package you choose.

Sky One

Sky News

Sky Sports

Sky Movies

You don't have to miss out on your favourite channels any longer (more)

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